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I love eggs, don’t you? They’re so flexible: they can be breakfast; they can be dinner. They can top a pancake or a salad (or a burger if you’re really lucky). I eat eggs a lot: in stir fries, poached in tomato sauce, soft-scrambled and served in a warm tortilla or, my very favorite, egg-in-a-hole!

I first had egg-in-a-hole at Cracker Barrel (where I believe it’s called egg-in-a-basket.  They serve you a perfect egg (set whites, thick, runny yolk) in buttery, crispy sourdough bread. You also get that ridiculous potato casserole on the side. It’s the most perfect hangover breakfast ever (not that I would know anything about that).

But, until recently, it never occurred to me that I could make this wonderful dish at home. Pioneer Woman (who else?) showed me the way. Her egg-in-a-hole tutorial is easy to follow and includes a lot of butter.

On a separate note, her Huevos Ree-os are to die for. Check it out.


Bread (I use whatever I have on hand. Once that was a leftover hamburger bun. It was delish.)



  1. Heat a few tbsps of butter over med-low heat (you want to cook the egg but also toast the bread, so a low-ish temp is important.)
  2. Cut a hole in the bread with a glass you stole from a hotel. (It must be a stolen hotel glass or this recipe won’t work. Kidding.)
  3. Once the butter is melted and sizzling, place the bread in the pan. Push it around a little to make sure it’s coated in butter.
  4. Wait and few minutes and crack the egg into hole in the bread. Make sure there’s some butter under the egg so it doesn’t stick!

    That yolk on the right broke. I cried a little.

  5. Let the egg cook until the bottom is set, and flip! (Eat the holes once they’re crisped up as a pre-meal snack.)
  6. Cook until the bread is crispy and the egg is as done as you like.

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