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Green smoothies

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When I’m grocery shopping, I always try to buy the brand that is the cheapest per ounce. Doing this usually means that you end up with a LOT of whatever it is: yogurt, beans, rice, whatever. Some things, like beans and rice, keep for almost forever, so it’s fine to have extra. But perishable things, like yogurt, need to be eaten by a certain date. And, from my experience, that date usually sneaks up on you if you don’t plan out how you’ll use that item.

Spinach is another ingredient that I love that is usually much cheaper in a big bag. Unfortunately, fresh spinach is even more perishable than yogurt. You have a week, tops, with pre-washed baby spinach leaves. So, to use up that bag of spinach all by myself, I’ll make spinach salads and sauté spinach as a side dish AND make GREEN SMOOTHIES.

$0.18/oz, baby!

Before you get grossed out and run screaming from the room, let me promise you: no matter how much spinach you add to a smoothie, all you’ll taste is the sweet, yummy fruit. I drink one of these smoothies almost every morning, and I feel healthier when I do. All of the spinach nutrients with none of the vegetable taste? Sign me up!


Green smoothie
(this “recipe” is super-duper flexible. Just add whatever combo of fruit, yogurt, liquid and spinach that sounds good to you!)

1 banana

Frozen peaches

¼ c plain Greek yogurt

2 tbsp water

2 ice cubes

1 tsp honey

1 c spinach (or more!)

Magic bullets are super-convenient for smoothie purposes.

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend it up. Drink. Feel healthy.

Yes, it's really green. But it's so, so yummy.

Using strawberries is a good choice, too. Your final smoothie won't be a bright green... It will actually be kind of brown. But! It will taste yummy, promise.


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